Christine Reber
Christian Fink (1831-1911)
A distinguished Esslingen personality

After a long time of intensive research and rehearsing
the world's first recording of songs and piano works by Esslingen based composer Christian Fink (1831-1911) was finally released in April 2018.

Christian Fink was an impressive and influential personality of the Esslingen musical and cultural life of the 19th century.
Being the director of the Esslingen "pedagogy seminar ", cantor of city church St. Dionys, conductor of the oratorio chorus, composer & organist, he was famous nation wide. His songs and piano sonatas however have been slumbering up to now in the Esslingen city archives, just recently with this recording they came alive in sound and feeling.  

Fink's romantic and vivid music goes straight to the heart of the audience.
Christian Fink (1831-1911) 
Lieder und Klavierwerke Vol. 1

Christine Reber, soprano
Robert Bärwald, piano​
Robert Bärwald and Christine Reber, January 2018
The new CD "Christian Fink - Lieder und Klavierwerke Vol. 1" was released in April 2018
The new CD
"Christian Fink - Lieder und Klavierwerke" 
(18 tracks = 15 songs, 3 Sonata sets = € 15,- plus shipping)
is available under

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