Christine Reber
Wiederentdeckt - songs by Bruno Droste
A piece of contemporary music history

Christine Reber & friends present the one-famous, then forgotten and now rediscovered songs by composer Bruno Droste, who was born in 1918 and grew up in Erfurt. In 1948 he founded the Bruno Droste Tanzstreichorchester, which in the following years was extremely successful on radio and television as well as with live events. Given that Bruno Droste also played modern, Western music styles with his ensemble, this situation turned into a dispute with the State functionaries. 
Always a free spirit and imbued with an intellectual curiosity, Bruno Droste found it difficult to subordinate his musical ideas to the Soviet regime’s many rules and restrictions upon creative artists. He didn’t see a chance to further and freely develop his artistry and fled in 1958 from the former GDR into the West. As a result of his decision, most of his compositions in East- Germany were destroyed and deleted from the radio programming. For three years he struggled to regain the stature he had known in East Germany; in January 1962 he met Doris Marion, an American classically trained soprano. With her he formed a bond that reinforced his self-confidence and drive. They were married in 1963 and moved to Brussels, where together they found greater success and recognition.
By coincidence, after singing a concert in Boston, Christine Reber, who received her classical vocal training in Freiburg, Stuttgart and New York, became acquainted with Doris Marion, widow of Bruno Droste, who introduced her to the songs. Thanks to an ongoing correspondence between the two, Christine Reber was able to have a closer look at the entertaining style of Bruno Droste, which is influenced by Jazz and Pop. Thus developed her wish to recreate these forgotten musical gems. 
„Wiederentdeckt“ (Rediscovered) is the title of the new CD by Christine Reber & friends. All of the songs were arranged by John Greer for small ensemble of piano, double bass, percussion and drums – some are enhanced by violin or oboe melodies. Christine Reber’s musical partners are, among others, Harald Lierhammer, Mini Schulz and Jörg Gebhardt.
This album includes songs in German and English, many that were lying in dusty archives, waiting for the young, talented and enterprising artist Christine Reber to rediscover and present these charming and captivating pieces with a new shine to a modern generation of appreciative listeners. 

Christine Reber with Doris Marion Carlino in Stuttgart, 2011
John Greer, Mini Schulz, Christine Reber, Jörg Gebhardt 
(left to right) at SWR Stuttgart 2011
New CD "Wiederentdeckt" (rediscovered), Lieder by Bruno Droste with Christine Reber & friends was released on April 24th, 2012
Lieder von Bruno Droste
Christine Reber
& friends
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BIX Jazzclub Stuttgart.

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For more information on Bruno Droste:
Dokumentary film: "Bruno Droste - An Artist's Flight Into Freedom" by Doris Marion Carlino.
"WIEDERENTDECKT" (Rediscovered) 
- Songs by  Bruno Droste - 
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